Gilbert Hickox Architect is a Dallas residential architect, multifamily architect, office architect and hospitality architect with creative and  tasteful ideas that attain clients goals.

" Your skills and expertise made a complicated project easier. " 

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"... is skillful at collaborating with clients balancing aesthetics, practicality and economics while pursuing design excellence on each thoughtful project."

"This architect does not have one design style.  He believes that building design should be influenced by the purpose, place, architect and  client."

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Gilbert Hickox Architects

JPY House SE Corner, Navasota, TX

This net-zero energy house has solar panels, solar batteries, wide overhangs for sun protection, an insulated attic and 4 porches of 1000 sf to use use very little electrical energy. Standing seam metal roofing, local yellow limestone, and open wood truss gables contribute to the Texas vernacular look of this 4200 sf house with 3 bedrooms and 4 baths.