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​​​"Hickox's architecture features humanistic attention to detail, celebration of space and light, showcasing views, outdoor spaces to experience nature and sustainability considerations."

​​Modern,Transitional & ​​Traditional design

Contextual addition & renovation design

Historic addition & renovation design​

​Residential lighting & kitchen design

​​Site landscape design​​

Graphic design

Hand drawn marker sketches

AutoCad drawings

Abstract Sculpture

Gilbert Hickox Architect is skillful at many architectural types producing distinctive, environmentally responsive, well-designed home, multifamily, office and hospitality projects. The firm's goals are to please clients with conscientious architectural services and to collaborate on designs with attention to detail while balancing aesthetics, practicality and economics.  Many clients are repeat clients with more than one project designed by Gilbert Hickox Architect.

"Addition and renovation designs respect and blend in with the existing building context."​

"Unlike most architects, Hickox goes the extra mile with problem solving designs to creatively address the needs of clients, friends and family."​

Hickox's architecture features humanistic attention to detail, celebration of space and light, showcasing views, outdoor spaces to experience nature, and sustainability considerations.  The firm does not have one design style and believes that building design should be the result of the purpose, the place, the clients and the artists.  Hickox's addition and renovation designs are contextual or respond to the existing context or historic architecture and blend in with the existing building.   Though adept at many architectural genres, Hickox prefers warm modern and transitional architecture to cold minimalistic architecture.


Each client receives small firm attention to balance their wants and needs for each design project. Clients will be satisfied that the firm continually seeks a balance of design excellence and value to meet the client's goals.  Hickox constantly seeks efficiency improvement in communication, design process, design, construction documents and construction details. The client's participation and feedback is most important to improve designs. ​ From years of experience, Gilbert Hickox Architect knows conscientious communication and collaboration between the three member team of client, architect and contractor results in a composed and successful design and construction process.​  The project's success is dependent on clear communication and collaboration and the clients ability to express concerns and criticism.  Clients are welcome to call Gil's cell phone anytime from 9am to 9pm to discuss project concerns.

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